Roydon Polythene (Exports) Ltd is part of the Roydon Group of Companies and is responsible for establishing and managing the recycling of waste materials. These include plastics, paper, metal and WEEE both in the UK and abroad with government/environment agency registered facilities.

Roydon have undertaken their own site inspections of overseas reprocessors to ensure that they adhere to internationally recognised standards. Typically, recycled materials are then included in many products sold back to the UK.

The Company works in partnership with a number of waste sectors: industrial, commercial and post consumer (including both council and privately owned Material Recycling Facilities). The Swinton export & waste handling operation, is fully licensed by the Environment Agency, has a large dry storage area (13,000 sq. metres). This supports the energy efficient approach to the production of recyclate (wet material requires more energy to reprocess it!). Current waste volumes handled are in excess of 50,000 tonnes per annum.

Roydon Polythene (Exports) Ltd welcomes the opportunity to offer thier expertise on the viability of recycling waste materials, both in the UK and Export markets. Roydon are an Environmental Agency accredited exporter and are approved to use PERN's.

Given this level of accreditation, the Company is rightly proud of its commitment to providing a quality service with a full audit trail. Customers can be confident their waste materials will be recycled using registered facilities with due care and attention paid to both social and environmental issues.

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