Sorting Plant

Investment in innovative recycling technology is vital. The Roydon Group, which has over thirty year`s expertise in providing cost effective and responsible waste management and recycling solutions and is also one of the largest recyclers of plastic materials is breaking new ground by opening a state of the art plastic recovery facility. 

Based in Greater Manchester, the facility has technologically advanced custom made machinery capable of sorting 1,000 tonnes of household plastic recyclables per week, processing plastics from local authorities, materials recovery facilities, and commercial organisations across the UK.

Using sophisticated automated systems, this sorting line can separate paper and cans from the plastic so that the plastic waste can then be sorted and graded for recycling. Virtually nothing is left unsorted or wasted, whilst helping to guarantee a high quality raw material needed for the production of recycled goods.

"This is the first step in bringing the recycling process full circle, with used plastic packaging sorted and reprocessed domestically rather than sent to landfill or shipped abroad." 

Sorting Plant Video